Security Film

Are you safe from break-in?

In the home you can’t rely on security screens.            They do only half the job

Security window film

Ordinary window glass is the most vulnerable part of your home and the unprotected fixed windows are an easy target for criminals seeking entry.

Burglars work quickly. They smash a window, get in, take your treasures and leave before the police can arrive.

Security Film is a high impact laminate for glass that makes ordinary glass windows shatterproof ... for superior window protection.

While the window glass may break if struck with sufficient force, the Security Film will work like an invisible shield to hold the broken glass pieces together and create a barrier to criminals. Also, by holding broken glass together, Security Film is often installed on glass in cyclonic areas to help stop water and wind penetrationin the event of glass breakage during violent weather conditions.

  • Security Film also creates a safety barrier helping to prevent glass injury.

Security film makes glass harder to break as shown in this photograph. security film helps to protect arainst burglary

When a criminal encounters resistance (such as when the glass won't fall apart when struck) he loses his main advantage – time – and will probably leave for easier pickings.

Security film installed on your windows provides a real deterent to break-ins and smash and grab criminals.  
Security Film installation: Security Window Tinting in

Choose the level of protection you need

  • 175-Micron Security Film offers good resistance to breakage and is suitable for most household security applications and for lower risk commercial situations where it will withstand repeated blows from a determined intruder.
    • a higher grade of security film may be installed in high risk commercial and government buildings.
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