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Solar Control Films for

House Windows

- window tinting is the most cost-effective insulation for the home.
- the windows in a typical home is a major determinant of the thermal efficiency of the building and are frequently tinted to control heat and glare and enhance the comfort of occupants.  The relatively low cost of window tinting which will reduce the reliance on air-conditioners, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions,  makes it the first step towards creating a more environmentally sustainable home.

 Tintplus has supplied window tinting for both Commercial and Residential applications since 1994.

Film installation: House Window Tinting in Brisbane, SydneyMelbourne, Adelaide, Perth
ALSO: Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, Rockhampton and Rockingham (WA)
Home Window Tinting Buyers Checklist:
wers-thumb Is the window tinting WERS rated?
To protect customers against unscrupulous operators and unsubstantiated performance claims the Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) was established. All residential and commercial window tinting sold in Australia that has performance data independently tested and verified as true is listed on the WERS website here.
How to choose the "best"
home window tinting for the job?
This short paper will give you some tips
Why take a risk?
Choosing the wrong home window tinting film can reduce your property value
(eg if the film is not WERS rated, if it makes a room "feel" dark or if it spoils the view).
Home Window Tinting Buyers Checklist - things you should know before you buy window tinting for your home

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Real-time Online Job Costing System with Professional Installation webquote-get a quote online and find out the cost to tint your windows

SAVE TIME - No waiting around for a sales rep
- and you SAVE 15% Sales Commission
  1. You measure your windows
  2. You select the film (We show you "How to choose the right film for the job").
  3. We email you a quote, showing the film price and the cost of installation
  4. You place the order and we pre-cut the film 20mm oversize and sent to you
    by courier.
  5. Meanwhile, our film installer will call you to arrange the installation.

Professional Installation (home window tinting) available in:

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth
ALSO: Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg,  Rockhampton and Rockingham (WA)


Free Measure & Quote with Professional Installation
Brisbane and the Gold Coast only
Phone1300 658 503 and book an appointment with a sales rep 
free measure and quoteWe'll meet you onsite to discuss your job and measure your windows.
We'll advise you on the "right" film for the job.

We'll cost the job and install the film.


We show you How to choose the "right" window tint film for the job?

SAVE up to 45% (on sales rep price) on Pre-Cut film
quote button
You MEASURE your windows
You CHOOSE the tinting film

We supply window tinting film for homes pre-cut
to 20mm oversize and ready for you to install

SAVE up to 50% (on sales rep price) when you cut the film yourself
You MEASURE your windows
You CHOOSE the tinting film

We supply a length of film "off the roll"
You cut the film to size and install

This YouTube video will show you How to install window tinting film


Choose a film from our Window Tinting Menu (right), OR
Choose a popular window tinting solution to some common problems in the home below:

1. Living rooms and Bedrooms
- Heat & Glare control + Privacy
read more

Living Rooms - privacy without the
room "feeling" dark

Bedrooms - HP15 blocks a little more
heat and light than Ambiance 25

Smart Films Ambiance
  • Most popular film for living rooms
  • High tech film that won't make the room "feel" dark
clearview-window-tinting Smart Films HP
  • Most popular film for west facing bedrooms
  • Best heat protection in a non-reflective tint

2. Home Theatre
- Heat & Glare (Light) Control + Privacy - Non-Reflective Film
read more

Home Theatre - block the light, create the mood  

low-reflection-window-tintingthumb antiglare-window-tinting   
Smart Films Sunblock 10
  • Most popular film used to darken a Home Theatre
  • Films that are no more reflective than clear glass 

3. Highest Heat & Glare Protection for the lowest cost + Privacy
- Reflective (Mirrored) Film
read more

Mirrored film blocks most heat for least cost

Smart Films Mirror Tint

  • Most popular film for the budget conscious

  • The highest heat protection at the lowest cost

4. Clear Films that won't spoil a beautiful view
- by day or by night
read more

A "Room with a View?" - don't spoil it

clearview-window-tinting Smart Films ClearView
  • Clear (untinted) films won't spoil the view day or night
  • Heat and fading protection
  • Body corporate compliant

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