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house office tint thumbWelcome to Tintplus Solar Window Tinting

Solar control films (window tinting) for residential and commercial buildings
- window tinting is the most cost-effective building insulation
Tintplus has supplied window tinting for both Commercial and Residential applications since 1994.
Film installation in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth - and Gold Coast, Rockhampton
Film Buyers Checklist:
wers-thumbIs the film WERS rated?
Films listed here have performance data independently tested and verified
Find out why WERS rating is important
the thinker How to choose the "right" film for the job?

This short paper will give you some tips

Choosing the wrong film can reduce your property value (eg if it's not WERS rated, makes a room "feel" dark or spoils the view).
Film Buyers Checklist - things you should know before you buy window tinting



High tech Smart Films block the heat and not the light, so your rooms won't feel dark - most popular films for Home Window Tinting.
The highest heat reduction window tinting and the lowest cost- mainly used for Commercial Window Tinting
Window Tinting that won't spoil a great view: ClearView
Clear (untinted) films to control heat and protect against fading. Does NOT darken room or impede views at night.
Complies with Body Corporate rules
Highest heat reduction window film - designed for the office
1. Silver outside to reflect heat, dark inside to eliminate glare. The highest heat reduction film giving fade protection and privacy
2. Quick payback on investment
 Window Tinting that won't make your room "feel" dark
Our most popular tint for living rooms.
Blocks heat, reduces glare, gives fade protection and privacy, won't make room"feel" dark
Most cost-effective office tint - high heat protection at lowest cost
1. High heat protection at lowest cost, fade, glare and privacy protection
2. Reduce glare on TV and computer monitor
Best heat protection in a non-reflective window tint
Our most popular tint for west facing windows. High heat reduction, fade protection and privacy. Room does "feel" a bit darker.
Bronze Window Tinting
1. Bronze colour to tone with building
2. Good heat protection, reduce glare, fade protection, privacy
Window tint that is less reflective than clear glass
1. A range of lower cost standard films - they block less heat than a "smart" film that blocks the same light
2. Very low reflectivity, heat, fade, privacy protection
3. Sunblock 10 is a popular choice for home theatre
Blue, green, grey or gold window tinting 
1. Blue, green, grey or gold reflective window tinting
2. Good heat protection, reduce glare and fading, privacy

Tintplus also stock a range of specialty films to offer a solution to a specific problem
Stop Fading
Daylighting Reduce Glare
Protect display stock
against sun damage and fading
... and cut a/c energy bill
... non-reflective tint for building owners
seeking "green" solutions
Eliminate glare on computer and TV

Daytime Privacy Renting? Blockout Films
Gain privacy from prying eyes
These lower price films are
not WERS Rated
blackout thumb
Blackout and Whiteout Films
... for privacy and to obscure
unsightly or unwanted views.

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