Digital Printing in the Home

digital print story bridge

City Living: An apartment near the city is so convenient, but the views often fall short of what you had hoped. 

Instead of the Story Bridge and the city beyond, a "city view" can often be more like this.


brick wall 2

brick wall

If you would prefer to see the Story Bridge
(or whatever takes your fancy)
give us a call


John Cleese (Faulty Towers) famously told a guest:

 "You asked for a sea view, look its out there between the sky and the land. What did you expect to see out of a Torquay hotel window, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, or herds of wilderbeast roaming majestically across the Serengeti?"

It makes you think - why not get the view you want? A digital print of a wilderbeast majestically crossing the Serengeti plains would be better than looking at a brick wall?

We can install a digital print on your window and give you the "view" you want

If you would like to meet and explore how digital printing of a favourite image (whether it be a Rembrandt, a grandchild or the Story Bridge) can enhance your home, please give me a call 1300 658 503or email me.

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