Privacy in the Office


White Frost (SV00) film installed by Tint4Less at
Brisbane International Airport.

Frosted film is frequently installed in the office for privacy. It can also provide decoration and signage (either computer cut signage or full-colour digitally printed signage).

 Frosted Film Options

1. White Frost

White Frost has a similar appearance to frosted glass and may be installed on entry doors and windows for day and night time privacy.

Many customers like a minimalist solution such as White Frosted film that complement rather than detract from the beauty of stained timber

White Frost is a polyester film (made from the same material as solar control films) that allow the light to pass thru while providing privacy both day and night.

It provides a clean, light, contemporay appearance. This film cannot be computer cut.


2. Frosted Crystal

The Frosted Crystal Films has a slightly sparkling appearance and provides day and night time privacy. This film is a vinyl and can be computer cut


3. Dusted Crystal
 Dusted Crystal Films are make the glass opaque and provide day and night time privacy. This film is a vinyl and can be computer cut








 The 3M Dusted Crystal and 3M Frosted Crystal are vinyl films that can be computer cut   ...more

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