5 Ways to Choose the Best Window Tinting for the Job

Confused by the huge choice of window tinting films

Window tinting can solve a range of sun related problems.

But choosing the "best" film for a problem window can be a challenge. Just ask George ...


We offer you 5 different ways to choose the best film for the job

 - each requires a greater involvement from you in the film selection process.


1. Just tell me what film I needBook a Sales Rep: The sales rep will come to your home or office, measure your windows, ask you a few questions about your job and recommend a film from their (usually limited) film range. The sales rep will add 15% sales commission for measuring your windows and providing professional advice.


2. Assist me choose a film - Like a Sales Rep, our Expert System, "Right" Film Finder, will ask you a few simple questions about your job and based on your answers guide you to the best film for your job. Quick and Easy! and no sales commission. The recommended film is selected from over 300 films from the top (mainly USA) film manufacturers
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3. I want to know why the Sales Rep/Expert System selected a particular film - This short technical paper titled  "How to choose the "right" film for the job" will provide a basic understanding of how window films work to achieve different, often competing, outcomes and recommends the best film to achieve specific outcome.
4.0 I want pricing and performance data for each film and do my own analysis - We provide Price / Performance Comparison Tables: Side by side comparisons of the key performance indicators and film price $M2.
  •  Calculate which film best achieves your priorities at the lowest cost. Does our "Best Buy" recommendation achieve your priorities? or would another film be better for your job? 
4.1 Compare Solar Control Films
  • Clear window films suited for windows controlled by a body corporate and/or have a $million view at night
  • Lightly Tinted Films will reduce fading and provide some heat protection without making the room feel dark - no daytime privacy
  • Medium Tinted Films suited for living rooms good heat reduction and daytime privacy without making the room "feel" dark
  • Dark Tinted Films suited to bedrooms and where you are prepared to sacrifice some light to enhance heat reduction - daytime privacy
  • Very Dark Tinted Films suited to home theatre and where there is a priority to darken the room (eg shifter worker needing to sleep during the day) - daytime privacy

Buyers Regret?

    • Consumer research shows that people who later regret their Solar Window Film choice most frequently say they chose a film that is too dark.

Get a feel for the finished job

    • To test for yourself how your home will “feel” after the film has been installed, wrap the film sample around your face like wearing sunglasses and look around your room – how does it “feel”? Then do the same with the other film samples and choose which film “feels” best.
    • Do the test twice – once in the morning and again in the afternoon.
      • You don’t want to solve one problem – heat and glare in the morning (or afternoon) – only to create another – a dark room in the afternoon (or morning) requiring you to turn on the lights
5. Have some questions? - Give me a call - 0400 906 262 (Garry) - and we can discuss your job

Find out how much it will cost to tint your windows

Tint4Less real-time, on-line job costing system, WebQuote, will calculate the film cost for your job, and the cost of film installation. A written quote will be emailed to you. You can also request that we post you film samples. webquote button

tape measureIf you know how to read a tape measure you can download our WorkSheet and do your own quote. When you measure your own windows we don't have to send out a sales rep who receives a 15% commission on every sale they make. Instead of paying a sales rep we give our customers the 15% sales commission as a discount, or as a cash rebate, to gain a price advantage over competitors.